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Sundarban 3 nights 4 days tour a magical boat journey lovely breeze in river beautiful landscape. Swashing through the river, delta canals the Royal Bengal tiger is one of the most majestic creations of mother nature known for its grace, beauty and ferocity. The forest is also rich in bird life, with 170 species including the endemic Brown-winged Kingfishers and Masked Finfoots (Heliopais personata) and birds of prey such as the ospreys (Pandion haliaetus), White-bellied Sea Eagles,Pariah Kites, Brahminy Kites,Red Junglefowls,Jungle Crows, Jungle Babblers, Cotton Teals, Herring Gulls, Caspian Terns, Gray Herons, Brahminy Ducks,great Egrets, Night Herons, Common Snipes, Wood Sandpipers, Green pigeons,Paradise Flycatchers, Cormorants,Seagulls, Common Kingfishers,Lesser Whistling Ducks.Sundarban the world largest mangrove eco- sytsem and the home of the largest tiger population on the planet.


  • Duration:4 days
  • DATES : Dec 27 - Dec 31
    • Tour Include:Ac Car, Boat Cruise, Stay on the Cottage, Food, Guide Permit of jungle visit, Camera
  • PRICE :


Sundarban 3 Nights 4 Days

Day 1

8.00AM: Journey Start from kolkata by Ac car or we can pick up from your location,Three hours and a half drive to Sundarban Godkhali, end of the road(Breakfast on the car)( Tea/coffee provide during the journey)

11:55 AM : Cross over to the island of Gosaba by boat and then take a car

2:00 PM: Reaching Cottage on the bank of gomor river village close to the largest mangrove forest and delta .Spend few day in peace.

2PM: Lunch

4.00 P.M.:Sundarban Bird Jungle with the lovely sunset

6.30 to 7 P.M.: Local folk dance ( we will provide evening snacks with tea/coffee )

9 P.M.: Dinner

Day 2

7A.M.: Boat cruise which will enter inside one of the biggest mangrove forest narrow creek followed around the islands of the Sunderban Tiger Reserve area for our share of viewing animals like crocodile, spotted deer, wild boar, snakes, water monitor lizard, different types of birds etc.and also Royal Bengal Tiger ( if you are lucky). Cruise through river Malta – 5-river junction Face (the point where Bengal Gulf can be seen) and a short walk into the forest and a watchtower.The majority of the day spent lounging around on the deck of a river boat cruise, with not much of care in the world, the most relaxing.

During this period you will visit area namely Sajnekhali ,Sudhankhali, Banbib Varani, Sundarkhali, Pirkhali, Gazikhali , Choragachi khali,Dobanki khal,Panchamukhali ( Fiver river junction)and Dobanki Canopy walks.

(Breakfast Lunch cooked on boat, Tea/Coffee Biscuit on the boat )

4 to 5.00 PM : Back to the Cottage after the adventurous Boat Ride.

6.30 PM : Complimentry snacks

9 to 9:30PM : Dinner

Day 3

7 AM: Board Boat inside sunderban jungle and head toward the largest mangrove delta forest on the planet.We will take you inside the cannal creeks and search for the bengal tiger in wild and other wildlife also.During this period visiting area of the cannals creeks
SarakKhali No 1 and 2

(Breakfast,lunch cooked served on boat)( Tea/ Coffee serve on boat )

4 to 5 PM: Sundarban jungle trip end back to the cottage

6.30 PM : Complimentry snacks

9 to 9:30PM : Dinner

Day 4

Breakfast in the morning and go to Visit Hamilton Bungalow and Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow reach the car and head back to kolkata ( Lunch will be provided on the way)

4 to 5:00 PM: Reach Kolkata