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Our Story (Sundarban Chalo Brothers & Cousins)

It all happened on a fine day when my friend (Brian O Donovan) from Ireland and I Vivek decided to go on a short trip which would be more of and exciting adventure. I was thinking about an adventurous place to go and it suddenly clicked in my mind,what could be more adventurous than exploring the Sundarbans.
I got everything prepared by the month of September in the year 2010. We decided to explore the hidden secrets of Sunderbans.When we had reached the Sunderbans,I had no idea that it would be more mesmorizing and beautiful. It was just a day’s stay so, I did not have the time to explore the whole place. The scenic beauty of the place had dazzled me and i thought to myself “why on earth is this place less exposed to the world” This made me inquisitive to know more about the sundarbans and its ways of living. I found out more about the ways of fishing, the culture,about the honey collectors,the wild animals etc.When i had returned from my short trip. I made it a point to visit the Sundarbans again with my brothers namely Vikash,Rohit and Santosh so that we would explore the place together. We felt a drive to the Sunderbans would be a better way to travel and to make the Sunderbans an Eco- Tourism which would help in the up-liftment of the villagers or local people of the Sunderbans.
“Sundarban Chalo” came into existence and started operating tours to the Sunderban Tiger Reserve Widlife on the 1st of May 2011.

(Vivek,Santosh , Rohit, Bishnu , Vikash , Sandeep , Samir, Sudharshan, Bhajan)
These are the folks who make it all happen, their time efforts and energy

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