Can Tiger Seen in Sundarban

Can Tiger Seen in Sundarban

You can also go tiger sightseeing at Sundarban Westbengal , India it is crucial to note, however that tiger sightings are not guaranteed. Even if you dont see a royal bengal tiger in wild , you still have the chance to observe other fascinating wildlife and birds because it is a stunning and diversified national park

Greatest time : the dry season which normally last from November to March greatest time to see tigers in sundarban forest. Tiger are most active in the early morning and late afternoon so schedule safari during these times.

Be patient: tiger sightseeing cannot be assured in any wildlife be patient it can require several safaris to find one if you are lucky.

Silent: Make as little noise as possible to prevent scaring the tiger away keep a safe distance and follow the park rules as you respect wildlife stay away from the animals.


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