The Places of Interests In Sundarban National Park

The Places of Interests In Sundarban National Park

Sajnekhali Watch Tower:

Famous for its rich wildlife population. There is also a mangrove interpretation centre and crocodiles sweet water ponds, a turtle ponds and a watchtower from where the view of inside the jungle.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower:

Sudhanyakhali watchtower is about half hours from sajnekhali. The cruise reach this places provides the real opportunity to explore the mystery of the sundarban mangrove forest.

Dobanki Watch Tower:

The canopy walks of about 400 meter gives you feeling of walking inside the wildjungle in mangrove walks with checklist of 200 species of birds and watchtower from where the royal bengal tiger can be seen if you are lucky.

Netidhopani Watch Tower:

Netidhopani is and island in tourism zone of sundarban tiger reserve. The god and goddesess 400 year olf temple and folks legends. The netidhopani island now has a protection camp.

Burirdabir Watch Tower:

The ecotourism complex inaugurated in 2003 of indian sundarbans, bordering bangladesh famous for its watchtower. The journey itself is soothing by the spellbound beauty of floras of sundarbans.