What Should I Wear in Sundarban

Shoud wear in sundarban jungle

What Should I Wear in Sundarban

    • T Shirts
    • Pants
    • Comfortable walking shoes and sandals
    • One should wear light comfortable clothes when exploring sundarban
    • Any kind of light clothes for summer (March to October)
    • Warm clothes for winter ( November to February )

What Should I Bring In Sundarban?

    • Light Luggage
    • Backpacks
    • Sunglasses, Hats and Sun Lotion Cream
    • Mosquito Repellent
    • Hand Sanitizer


You will see many animals inside the sundarban forest make sure to pack your camera with a good zoom.

Binoculars For Wildlife Boat Safari

Sundarban mangrove is very deen forest spot a royal bengal tiger in wild carrying a binocular is recommended for travellers

First Aid Kit?

Sundarban jungle is located in remote area so plan ahead and bring some basic medicine when you are traveling

During Rainy Season?

An umbrella is designed to protect you from the sun and rain during rain season please carry with you.

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