How Much Sundarban Tour Cost

How Much Sundarban Tour Cost

The cost of a Sundarbans vacation might vary based on aspects such as the type of lodging, mode of transportation, and the services included in the package, as well as whether the trip is organised individually or through a tour operator.The typical cost of a Sundarban excursion from Kolkata, India, beginning point Indian museum or Pc chandra garden or Gadkhali Ferry Ghat

Day trips to the Sundarbans from adjacent cities in India, such as Kolkata, can cost between INR2500 and INR3000 per person. These excursions frequently include a boat ride, wildlife spotting, and breakfast and lunch

Multi-day tours cost between INR 4000 and 6000 INR per person and involve a more complete exploration of the Sundarbans. Accommodation, food, guided tours, boat excursions, and activities such as birdwatching, village visits, and jungle walks are typically included in these tours.

Luxury Packages: For a 2-3 day Sundarban tour, luxury packages can range from INR 11000 to 15000 INR per person. Luxury accommodations in luxury resorts, private boat rides.It’s advisable to research and compare prices from different tour operators, check their itineraries and reviews, and contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on pricing.


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