Sundarban Hilsa Festival

Sundarban Hilsa Festival

sundarban hilsa festival

Sundarban Hilsa Festival?

Sundarban Hilsa Festival Celebration, ilish fish also know as hilsa, is a a celebration held in Sundarban, West Bengal. Illish fish frequently prepared in a variety of way include frying and cooking in traditional curries. It i well- know for its distint taste and flavour. Hilsa fish is a popular tasty option,dishes are popular in bengali cuisine.

Sundarban Ilish Festival Start?

It take place in July, August and September. It’s and important cultural fish connected with festival and celebrations.Vacation journey to sundarban tour noted for its breathtaking scenery, can be and incredible experience. Vistor have the chance to enjoy the delicious treats and take in the festival’s energetic atmosphere.


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