Best Time to Visiting in Sundarban

Best Time to Visiting in Sundarban

Sundarban is largest delta region on the planet. Sundarban host 84 species of salt-water mangrove trees. Mangroveroots have three functions –providing support to world obtaining nutrition from soil and taking in oxygen from air. The delta is known to be the world only swamp habitat of royal bengal tiger. Within sundarban, the only way to get around is by boat or launch.

Best Time to Visit in Sundarban National Park?

The best time to visit sundarban tiger reserve is between October to March.

Climate :

Extreme climate condition a typical moonsoon climate excess of humidity is prevalent for about six months of the year with and annual temperature is 32° C an annual rainfall is 1800 mm. This region has a tropical climate with extreme summer and winter ,maximum summer temperature is 35 to 40° C and in winter temperature is 9 to 10°C.


1. Sundarban National Park Ecotourism is open to visit all year round.
2. During winter season weather during these days are pleasant.
3. Every day 6 hours high tide and 6 hours lowtide rotation with moon.
4. Always carry cash in indian rupees or you can use paying with google pay, phone pay or paytm credit cards are not acceptable.
5. Enter in the sundarban tiger reserve only with valid permit.

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