How Can I Plan Tour To Sundarban

How Can I Plan Tour To Sundarban

Planning a journey to the mangrove forest and home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sundarban National Park in West Bengal, India, may be a thrilling experience and fantastic adventure.

Plan tour to Sundarban
1. Establish the time frame: How long were you in Sundarban? However, if you only have a short amount of time, you can still arrange a 3- or 4 day excursion.

2. Accommodation : Sundarban offers a range of lodging choices, from inexpensive resorts to luxurious hotels.

3. Select the ideal time to travel: (December to February) Winter The Sundarbans have a relatively temperate and dry winter, which makes it a popular time to visit. It’s a fantastic time to see wildlife at this time.

4. Public transportation is readily available in Sundarban, including local trains, buses, and cars.

5. Safety and precautions: When visiting Sundarban, it’s critical to exercise caution. Be mindful of your possessions.

6. Permits and permissions: Confirm that you have all the authorizations required before entering and touring Sundarban National Park.

7. Choose the best travel operator: Take into account planning your vacation with a renowned tour company.

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